Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Here are some reasons why to read this outstanding book!


I have just finished this book on march twenty-third 2016 this New York Times bestseller is action packed and romantic. this book is a sequel to Cinder also by Marissa Meyer. I highly recommend this book even as a fifth grader I loved reading Scarlet.

Scarlet bio

I'm eighteen years old and live in Reuix Paris on farm with my grandmere. Life was all good until the day my only family member whent missing. Well my grandmere isn't the only family member but I never met my mom and I don't know we're my dad is. I loved her so much although we bickered and called each other names . Now I hope she knows that I love her and fought with all I had to get her back.

Some characters in the book

This book is not for younger children. Cinder and Thorne were a big part of this book but I only had so much space

Wolf bio

I say I'm a street fighter but that's only part of my messed up life .I was born into this monstrosity because of Leavena . I never meant to hurt Scarlet or cause her grandmere to be kidnapped and I messed up. Hoping that I could undo the nots I have created I asked to help showing her she can trust me and it worked . Now our goal is do defeat Leavena and get cinder her crown and throne .