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Why consider a Professional Property Manager?

Our 95% Occupancy Rate Means You Don’t Miss A Month’s Rent.
Empty properties don’t pay for mortgage payments. Our 95% occupancy track record means you are more likely to get a good tenant, fast, so that cash starts rolling in.

Don’t Get Charged For A Vacant Home.

Why should you pay a property management company a fee if they don’t do their job? We don’t charge for vacant units (Even though lots of other property management companies do!) If your house is empty, don’t pay us a dime until you have a quality tenant moving in.

Are Your Rents Too Low?

Many ‘do it yourself’ landlords undercharge for rents. Sometimes its because they don’t have the tools we have to analyze market rents. We know market rents and make sure you get maximum market based rents.

Avoid The Frustration And Time Expense Of Day To Day Management.
Keeping your property filled. Collecting rent from tenants who would rather not pay. Taking care of broken toilets. Driving back and forth all the time. Save yourself the headaches and just hire someone else to do it.

We Screen Out Deadbeat Tenants

You don’t want deadbeat tenants living in your home and dodging rent. We use multiple sources and databases screen tenants in order to make sure your home is rented to quality people.

Our rates are very competitive; request a quote and we’ll be glad to give you hard numbers.

As you think through the issue, consider this: Did you know that having a property management company manage your home can pay for itself? How you ask? Many homeowners accidently price their home under market; getting higher market based rents could pay for a professional firm to manage your home. In addition, if you make legal errors in how you write your agreement, how you deal with your tenants, how you work with tenants who refuse to could find yourself in legal trouble, which gets real expensive, real fast. Why not pay a property management firm now, instead of an attorney later?

"...Unheard Of Occupancy Rate Nearing 100%”:

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"I can honestly say that I believe PMP treats my property as if it were their own asset...I now have an unheard of occupancy rate nearing 100%." - Steve (Providence, RI)

"Having PMP on my side has eased my reservations about being a rental property owner and I would gladly recommend them to others." Gwen S., Warwick, RI

PMP got me a positive cash flow in no time. Now I’m actually making a profit! Lou C., Barrington, RI

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