The Dictator

Stalin's Rule

Joseph Stalin was the leader of Russia from the mid 1920's to his death in 1953. He was ruthless and Brutal. He is responsible for the death of over 45 million people. Stalin was a paranoid man, he had secret police throughout the USSR and they would listen to people and find people who were "traitors". People were considered traitors by just saying something along the lines of "I don't think Stalin is all that great". If the secret police caught you saying something they would take your kids and send you to a labor camp. Eventually Stalin got so paranoid that he started The Great Purge. The Great Purge is a few year span of Stalin killing people who he thought were against him, even some of his closer comrades and through this time he killed 8-13 million people.

Even though many people died during his rule he did improve the economy. he boosted coal and steel production with his five year plan's. He also started a agricultural revolution that boosted food production. He had government owned farms that had peasants working on them with not so good working conditions. Joseph Stalin was a brutal dictator that was responsible for the deaths of many people, but his methods helped start russia on a track of becoming a world power.

My Reaction

My reaction to Stalin's rule was surprising. Because I thought he was our ally during World War II. He did help us during that war but after we got into some heavy conflict with him. I did not know he killed millions of his own people. I used to think he was a good leader but now I think he was and evil dictator.

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