Out of My Mind Project

By: Lauren Nichols

Scene/Chapter 16/ Pages 141 & 142

(Melody got to school and couldn't wait to show everyone her new computer.)

Melody- (computer talking for her) Hi, everybody. I have a new computer.

(You could tell Melody was nervous and excited at the same time because of her facial expressions and the way she acted.)

(Everyone was looking around and whispering)

Connor- Thats awesome Melody!

(Now most of the kids were thinking Melody was kinda cool.)

Melody- (computer talking for her) I talk to everybody now-- Claire too!

(Melody was really excited and you couldn't sandpaper the grin off of her face!)

(Melody goes to the jokes section)

Melody- Knock knock!

A group of people- Who's there?

Melody- Isabel

A group of people- Isabel who?

Melody- Isabel out of order? I had to know

(Many people began laughing)

(Melody was so excited for more and more of her new computer. Her facial expressions said it all.)


“What your body looks like has nothing to do with how your brain works!” (Draper 152).

Connotation: Melody is different and she is trying to show that she looks dumb and she looks like she can't do things, but on the inside she knows she's smart.

Denotation: Your body and you brain are different. You brain is there to help remember things and be smart and your body is there to help you move.

“If Melody Brooks can win the first round, then my questions must not be difficult enough” (Draper 155)

Connotation: That was an insult to Melody because everyone else doesn't know what she knows she knows. So saying that the questions were easy if Melody got them right probably hurt her.

Denotation: If someone can win the first round then the questions are not as hard so they need to make them harder.

“It limits my body, not my mind” (Draper 168).

Connotation: Melody is saying just because the way she looks does not mean she isn't as smart as any of the other kids.

Denotation: Your body has nothing to do with your mind.

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