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April 1-5

CityLab Vision

CityLab High School- Our Why

Using the City as our lab, Innovative leaders Think through real-world challenges to achieve their whY.

Learning today....Leading tomorrow

Our Vision is for our students to use the city itself as a classroom to engage with real world projects and develop a multidisciplinary understanding of the city while developing their academic and social emotional skills to be prepared for post secondary success.

Our Mission is to prepare and create opportunities for students to become the next generation of citizens, design professionals, and civic leaders equipped with an appreciation and holistic understanding of the urban environment, and the knowledge and skills to design, build, and participate in the future development of the city.

Learning today....Leading tomorrow

From your Principal


What a great week we had last week in the life of CityLab. Our fabulous Foundation Board sponsored two events. On Thursday, they sponsored a mayoral forum in which the students came up with the questions. It was well attended with over 250 people and moderated by state representative Rafael Anchia.

On Friday CityLab HS and the Citylab Foundation Board sponsored the 3rd annual summit. This is an opportunity for our students and professionals to come together and learn from each other. Under the directions of Foundation President,Jaynie Schultz and event Chairman, Daniel Herrig, the event was a huge success. Thanks to all the CityLab staff who supported this event as well. Most of all thanks to our students who were excellent during the event and appreciated this opportunity for learning.


Next week the 9th and 10th grades will be taking their EOC exams in English Language Arts. On Tuesday 9th grade will take the exam and on Thursday 10th grade will take the exams. It is also a time where the 9th graders will do a "mock" EOC test in Biology and Algebra. Please make sure your students have plenty of rest and are ready to test and do well. I have the upmost confidence in all of our students!

STAAR Saturday

This Saturday 9:00-3:00, we will host a STAAR testing prep camp. All students are invited. Lunch will also be provided for our students. The focus will be on ELA and writing preparation. If your student needs to attend Saturday school for credit, please see Mr. Price. This camp will count for that as well.

Thanks to all of our students, parents, and community members who make this school great!

Stay Strong, stay strong there is something inside all of you so strong!

As always my door is open to questions, concerns, and feedback!

Ready, Set, Go!

This Week's Schedule









Mock Trial Field Trip


ROCK the STAAR Party- 4:00


STAAR Studded Saturday 9:00-3:00

What is Coming Up???

Saturday April 6- 9:00-3:00 STAAR Studded Saturday

Tuesday April 9th- 9th Grade ELA EOC/STAAR

Thursday April 11th- 10th Grade ELA EOC/STAAR