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Principal Brief

September 8-11

Fundamental Five

As we begin another week with the Cool Cats and continue our study on The Fundamental Five, many of you have said writing seed questions is a goal you have. At the International Literacy Association Conference this summer, I had the opportunity to attend one of Alfie Kohn's sessions "Who's Asking?" Kohn discussed that guiding students through the process of questioning is not a technique that can be stapled onto existing pedagogy, nor is it something that teachers can be trained to master during in-service day. It requires a continual focus on creating a classroom that is about thinking rather than just about absorbing information. Deep questions help kids stay curious, grow increasingly resourceful at figuring things out, and become active meaning makers. This year, we will focus on how we can use questioning to help our students become better thinkers. "Every time we ask students, 'What was the name of the town in which the characters in this story lived?' we have less time for questions like 'Why do you you think the characters never left home?" Alfie Hohn

Elementary Balanced Literacy Plan

Wylie ISD is providing a 3 hour course for any elementary teacher (including grades 3 & 4) that haven’t given DRA/EDL before or who need more in-depth instruction. The training will be September 10th from 11:30-2:30 at the ESC. Teachers can enroll in Workshop.

All K-2 teachers will be receiving the book “The Next Step in Guided Reading” by Jan Richardson as a guidebook for guided reading. This is a wonderful tool that explicitly describes classroom implementation and best practices.

We have set our training dates and times for the next round phase of our balanced literacy implementation.

Phase 2 training will include the following topics:

Organizing reading instructional time to include grade-level instruction, guided reading, literacy stations, and targeted intervention Brief review on giving DRA with fidelity How to enter scores into Aware Components of guided reading lesson plans (based on the Jan Richardson book) Overview of designing effective literacy stations

Phase 2 training dates: September 14 - target audience: Kindergarten teachers, 7:45-10:45 or 12:00-3:00 September 15 – target audience: 1st grade teachers, 7:45-10:45 or 12:00-3:00 September 17 – target audience: 2nd grade reading teachers, 7:45-10:45, 12:00-3:00

Science Fair We will be conducting two science fair informational meetings. Grades 3, 4, and 5 will meet on Thursday, September 3 from 3:00-4:00 PM at the ESC. Grades K-2 will meet on Tuesday, September 8 from 3:00-4:00 PM at the ESC.

PDAS: A couple of dates to remember in regards to PDAS are as follows:

Sept. 14th – Deadline for Teacher Self Report forms – Part one to be completed. Sept. 14th – Appraisal period begins. Oct. 2nd – All PPR/PDAS conferences completed.

Upcoming Dates:

9/9- Grandparents Breakfast 6:45am; RTI Meeting Grades 3&4 2:55-4:00

9/10 PLCS; Title 1 Parent Night 5:15-6:00pm & 6:00-6:45pm

9/11 #hartmanpride peprally 1:45 in the Cafeteria 50's Theme, Dress up!

Writer's Workshop

Keep Writing Cool Cats!

Greg and Laura shared great writing information on Wednesday during professional development. How will you grow in writing this year?

Kid by Kid! #hartmanpride

Our PLC schedule is in the office hall. Please be prepared each week at PLC's with data and student data cards.
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Education Foundation Grants

Grants need to be completed/submitted by October 19. Please make time to talk to your team about the grant process. If you would like to have Jordan Adams to review the grant writing process with your team, let me know. Last year, Hartman received $29,000 in grants and was able to do some amazing things for our students.