My life Smore

Presented by : Guadalupe Romero

About me :

My name is Guadalupe Jessenia Romero. I was born May 28,1999 in Houston Texas. I am now 16 years old. My Parents Estela Silva and Juan Romero are from Rio Verde, San Luis Potosí. I live with my Mother , Step dad , and my little sister Abigail.

Something I would never change my mind about ?

I would never change my mind about wanting to attend college. I would like to attend a university to study my future career as a nurse.

My Motto ?

My motto is my favorite qoute " Never give up on something you really want ". Helps me to be better and never give up on my goals no matter how hard the situation will be.

Future goals

- improve on my dancing skills

-Go to college

-Become a Nurse

-Make my parents proud