Krum Connected

Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication

Krum Connected Sessions

Krum Connected is a professional development day dedicated to learning how to incorporate technology into the best practices of instruction.

Sessions will be offered August 12th throughout the day. We will start at 8:00-8:30 in the Performing Arts Center with Mr. Carroll. Sessions will be offered immediately following his address to the staff. We will break for lunch at 12:15-1:30 (on your own).

Bus physicals will be held in the cafeteria at 1:00. If you drive a bus, please plan on being there to get that taken care of before your 5th sessions starts.

Make sure to bring your device with you! These sessions will provide hands on learning experiences. The space in each session is limited, but most will be offered more than one time. Please be flexible and have a back up plan in place in case your session is full.

Thank you to all who offered to present at Krum Connected. We appreciate you sharing your time and talents with us.

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Single Sign On is HERE!!!!!!!!!

Single sign on is a method to allow you to use only one sign on to access multiple apps and websites you may need on your computer. (This is not a means to register for sessions as those will be on a first come first serve basis.)

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: At the top add the Chrome extension. It will say, "the browser extension for this browser is not installed. Click here to download."

Step 3: Go back to the

Step 4: Click on the application and add your credentials to sign in

Step 5: Enjoy the ease of use!

If you find that you need additional educational applications, please submit a helpdesk ticket with specific application details so that it can be added.

Thank you to our AWESOME Technology Department for getting this completed on our behalf!

Project ELL Room cancelled!!!!

Data Driven ELL instruction. How to spend less time planning and get better results.

Presented by Project ELL.

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Breakout EDU Room 304

Come learn how to increase curiosity and engagement while students solve problems to unlock puzzles.

Presented by Tom Kilgore

For Secondary Teachers Only-Double Session-Sessions 1& 2 from 8:40-10:25

For Elementary Teachers Only-Session #5-1:30-2:20

For Elementary Teachers Only-Session #6-2:25-3:15

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Collaborating with Your Team Using Google Room 205

Make the most of your precious time. Learn how to collaborate with your team-anytime, anywhere, using the tools provided in Google. Make your team planning more efficient, inclusive, and targeted with these useful tips and tools. Session offered by Macy Miller and Sarah Yanez

Session #2 9:35-10:25

Session #3 10:30-11:20

Session #5 1:30-2:20

MaKey MaKey - An Invention Kit for Everyone

Maker Space 101 in the Library

Join The Factory for UNT as they help us learn to use Makey Makeys and Little Bits that we have in our schools to use with students. They are fun, creative, interactive tools to get kids thinking. This will be a hands on session.

These are offered as double sessions:

Sessions 1&2 8:40-10:25

Sessions 3&4 10:30-12:15

Sessions 5&6 1:30-3:15

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Differentiation Using GAFE Room 304

Learn how to differentiate your lessons to make learning accessible to more students with features in GAFE. Take it to the next level in this informative session.

Presented by Tom Kilgore

Session #3 10:30-11:20

Session #4 11:25-12:15