Katherine Goolsby

Common Dishes Around China

  1. La zi ji is chicken breast cubes with peppercorn, toasted sesame and dried bird’s-eye chilis
  2. Fo tiao qiang is made of 18 pricey ingredients, including shark fin, abalone, sea cucumber, ginseng and scallops
  3. Luo si ji is a spicy-sour dish featuring pond snails, free-range chicken, bamboo shoots and fermented tofu.
  4. Huimian is lamb broth, which is slow-boiled for at least five hours, resulting in a milky, snow-white soup

Common Dishes Around Russia

  1. Piroshki are dough dumplings or buns that come stuffed with ingredients that include cheeses, fish, meats, mushrooms and potatoes

  2. Beef Stroganoff, originally devised by a French chef for a Russian count, this dish of beef, mushrooms and sour cream stands as a Russian classic

  3. Herring is baked, dried, fried, pickled or salted, herring rates as a favorite fish on Russian tables.

Common Dishes Around India

  1. Biryani is a big rice dish cooked with many spices and usually a marinated meat.
  2. Chole Bhature is a spiced,curried chickpea soup served with fried bread.
  3. Kati Roll is a traditional street food. A wrap of kebabs, eggs, vegetables,and spices rolled.