Team of Queens

Weekly Check-In

You ladies are incredible!

We're one week into July and so many of you have shows on the books and orders in the pocket. WELL DONE. I know this time of year is challenging with the heat so be so proud of what you have accomplished to date.

Don't forget about our challenge to qualify (sell $500) by July 15th and be entered to win a piece from the new line!!! Some of you are soooo close already! Plus, Christine Ormand (she is our Star Director) has a similar incentive where you are entered to win $a 100 gift card for every $500 you sell before the 15th. Woohoo!

BOOKING BLITZ - This Thursday 8-9pm

I thought it would be a great time to try a team booking blitz! For those who have not done a booking blitz before, I can tell you from experience....THEY WORK. Most people book 1-2 shows during a booking blitz. They take about 1 1/2 hours total but are worth it! Here's how they work...

- 30 minutes to prepare and warm up your list of potential hostess via email (look in the words to say for July for great wording)

- 1 hour to call, text, email or facebook as many people as you can.

I typically do my warm up a few days before I make calls. Totally up to you. Some people don't do a warm up at all!

Email ( me to let me know if you want to join in. Once I know who is in, we can do a little facebook chat on Thursday night to keep each other motivated while we work. If you can't do Thursday night but still want to book 1-2 more shows, do one on your own! Set aside 1 1/2 solid hours to devote to you business and you will see results.

Dot Dollars

It's not too late to reach out to those Dot Dollar recipients! In fact, I am doing mine tomorrow before work. Here is what I will be saying!

Hi Jennie!

Our Dot Dollar promotion is ending on July 11th and I wanted to make sure you know that you have received $75 Dot Dollars to spend! In case you don't already know, here is how it works - for every $50 you spend, you can use $25 Dot Dollars towards your order. For example, remember that neckalce you loved at Sarah's show, the Zoe? Well it's regularly $104 but by using $50 of your Dot Dollars you reduce the price to $54, that's nearly half off! I will give you a call later to see what you think.

If you're like me and LOVE a great deal, you can also shop on line at and your codes use at checkout:



Remember, each code will get you $25 off each $50 spent. As an added bonus, anyone that shops this show will be entered in a draw for a bracelet from the new collection coming out July 19th - you are going to love it!! I'll send you a look book as soon as I get them.

Let me know if you have any questions and we'll chat soon!

Need to know!

Business Supplies

With new lookbooks coming out with the Fall line you are going to want to think about how many you will need for your business over the next little while. A general rule of thumb is that you will need one pack of Lookbooks for every 2-3 shows. I always re-use my books but LOVE when clients take them home. I also order 1 pack of mini's for every 2 shows - in case someone wants invites done and to give them out every where I go.

For those of you who are new, I encourage you to give out your current books now to anyone and everyone. Save what you need for your shows over the next 2 weeks and give away the rest to anyone you think could be a potential hostess, clients or connector! You never know where giving a book can take you!

Fall Line Launch Rally

Halifax: July 22nd at 7pm

Moncton: July 23rd at 7pm

This is a chance to hear all the details from HOOPLA and see the line before you order! I hope to see you at one of the meetings!