My Poems

By: Brianna Archer


Behaving most often

Running around the house

Interested in Elmo

Always sleeping

Never whined

Noisy nelly

Always playing

Odes to summer

Puttin on sunscreen,

getting ready to swim,

hot sunny day

getting ready to play!

My arms going forward

getting to know the water,

kicking my feet

to the waters swimming beat.

getting out of the water

drying off by the sun

getting dry

not a fry.

Life is like a...

Life is like a

stratosphere because

it can lead you

to higher levels!

Just take

step by step

and you will

get there!

Elegy to Volleyball

Volleyball Volleyball

almost over

when your gone

I will be solbor

no more hitting

the ball, it moving

in the air passing

people to come

passing the ball

over the net

scoring a point

with your team

matter hope we get

a win

volleyball is a sport

not a game hopefully we...

become famous

being back next season

bye bye team

lets go edge

we got this stay shining!

Hanging out with my family

I hung out with all my family.

I hung out with all my family at my house.

I hung out with all my family members on a hot sunny Saturday at my house.

I hung out with all my family members on a hot sunny Saturday at my house waiting for the great delicious pasta that made my house smell like an Italian restaurant.

Senses of Nature

Birds flying across the sky feeling the refreshing breeze.

The bugs buzzing in my ears while I walk by. Brand new red roses that smells like brand new perfume.

peanut butter jelly sandwiches while having a picnic in the fresh grass.

humid air in the mid summer time.