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Three awesome accessories for your GoPro action camera

The camera gopro (GoPro camera) is extensively regarded as the most excellent action camera on the market. The full HD or high definition 1080p recording, a lightweight & small body, a super-sharp vast angle lens abilities are just a great feature that creates this camera a certified leader of the market.

Better still, there is a vast range of accessories accessible that further improve the versatility and of the performance GoPro. Listed below are some of the great accessoire gopro (GoPro accessories) obtainable:

GoPro LCD BacPac

The LCD BacPac arrives in the form of a movable LCD screen, which can be connected as and when it's needed (most generally used for lining up playing back footage or shots).

GoPro 3D HERO System

It is official – The 3D is very cool again. Thankfully, we have arrive a lengthy way since the days of skilled 90s graphics and flimsy blue & red glasses but the internal technology remains the similar.

GoPro WI-FI BacPac & WI-FI Remote Combo Kit

Acquainting the latest device of the GoPro - the GoPro Wifi BacPac. One of the most hugely anticipated devices of 2012, the durable, lightweight Wifi BacPac snaps onto the back of your HD HERO or HD HERO2 camera and provides a few really cutting edge functionality.