The Roaring Times


Women are Granted the Right to Vote!

The Nineteenth Amendment was ratified to the Constitution on August 18, 1920, stating that no one can be denied to vote based on their sex. The women's suffrage movement caused the amendment to be passed by Congress. The amendment was drafted by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Wisconsin was the first state to ratify the amendment on June 10, 1919. Congratulations women, you can now vote!


James Gatz, aka Jay Gatsby, was pronounced dead by the coroner on August 17, 1928. His cause of death was a bullet through the heart. The murderer has been identified as George Wilson. Gatz was taking a swim before the closing of his pool when the shot was fired. His house man heard the shots and rushed out of the house to find him floating in a pool of blood. Wilson laid a few feet away in a pool of his own blood. The police have identified Wilson's death as suicide. Obituaries are on page 6.