Stockholm, Swedan

Going on a vacation? HAVE A LOOK INTO SWEDAN!

Swedish food is very delicious and is almost ALWAYS a balanced meal!

The main meals in Swedan include, fish, vegebles,meat,cheese.

Breakfast is mainly cereal, bread, butter, cheese, aside with coffee or tea.

Swedish have lots of fishing crews! They catch stuff all the time like, anchovies, flounders, herrings, salmon, sardines, trout, and tuna.

Swedish food is most delicious in Swedan... don't think so? Then why don't you come on down here and find out!

Ever Wonder What god(s) Swedish people follow? Or if they even do?

In A.D. 829, Christianity came to Swedan and it's people.

From the 18-19th century, prism movement swept away the country church.

Today, Swedan is still mostly Christian.

With 88% of the population belonging to the church.

But Swedan hasn't always been Christian......

Bored and not sure what to do? There's lots to do!

Swedish people love to be outside with family.

They also enjoy and love playing sports, even if its just for fun.

Fishing is also a very popular choice, with many places to choose from, you will surely catch something! Swedan also has some amazing museums.

With so much to do, and so little time, it's never boring in Stockholm!

Want some special memories?

Swedan has many things to do like fishing,sports,shops and stores, but what about visiting some museums!

Galma, is a famous museum because it shows the worlds only 17th cenury that actually survived.

There is also a special mid-evil building called, "cathederal" or "Great Church".

IF you visit the Hallway Museum, you can see how life was like in Swedan in the 19th century!

So why not come learn and have fun!

What language is spoken here?

Are you worried you won't be able to learn Swedish language? NO NEED TO BE!

Swedish and English both belong to the same Germanic Liquiste Tree.

Swedan's modern language is "sversk" witch developed from a vikings language.

So don't be worried! Plus I'm sure there's people who speak english!

What's the weather like here?

Are you concerned about the weather?no need to be!

The lowest it gets is to 22 degrees on average.

The highest it can get in this month (may) is 60 degrees on average.

The lowest it can get on average in may is 43 degrees.

See, the weather isn't bad at all!

So thinking of going on a vacation? Try Stokholm!