The dreas of salleigh marie kirk

military police

How it all started out !

well hey there my name is salleigh marie kirk and my dreams is to be in the military. I want to be a military police officer! isnt that cool ? I have always thought to fight for my countrey but ill tell you something there a whole lot of thing you got to do and things are best to do before you go in and after you go in !

What you have to do to be in the military and alot more stuff about it !

  • the 2013 B.H.A rates took efect janaruy,1,2013 with increase of an averge of 3.8 precent.
  • There are 5 branch.
  • united state army
  • united state coast guard
  • united state marine crops
  • united state navy :)

Well you might want to go to collage before you go in to the military. Maybe just a commuity collage and that dont cost as much, It still cost a good amount but no as much. Also if you want to be in the military police then go to collage and take crimal justice and then you have a 90% chance of getting what you want .

Now what do I have to do to get there ?

maybe a good idea is to make good grades in school and starting looking into a career about 7th grade and 8th the in high school maybe they have classes for that . Thats gonna help ! alot. there alot out here you can do to get there . Something to go on your recored were they see that. HMM he been thru this class and this class he would do good. That may get you were you wanna be !

Collage (Kirtland commuity collage )

Collage.. like i said best thing for you .. helps your life. so lets learn about kirtland commuity collage !

Great great collage ! They help . hand on collage .. you cant just live life with out collage unless your gonan be a rockstar or something but come on lets talk real life not dream life !


  • If your in district of kirtland commuity collage is cost $92/contact hours
  • Out of district is $128/contact hour
  • out of state $212/ contact hour

  • Intermatiomal $231/contact hour

FEES 14,886

  • Registration $35 dollars
  • Activity $1.00
  • Technology $7.50
  • Facllity $4.00 years to pay back :)

10 years ill pay $173.00

5years pay backk 300.00

course varies

advising only a 1.00

Money ?

Sound like a lot of money huh? well like it says up there . You got people to help you pay it off . YES you do pay them back when your done but it does help ! If you love something so much you will do so much for it does that sound bad ? Lets hope not. So whats your deams ?


Gun have some much to do with the military and army and even more. The military isnt all about harm as people think but it not . Ita not the same but it is .. Gotta think about that one huh ? Yes u might harm people if u get to that place but other than that you dont hurt people now if you go to war your ganna kill or your gonna get killed that a easy question pick one ? i dont want to die but lets get sierous about this .. i REALLY dobt there a war in the next 20 years. Just being truthful. So just remeber army,military,navy is not all about killing !