Miles' Atom theory s'more

The timeline

Ancient Greek model

In 400 bc Democritus made the Ancient Greek model.But not alone.aristole help him.the theory was that if you cut an object in half many times,then it would be so small that it couldn't be divided any more.

In 350 bc aristole added to the theory that there are 4 elements earth,fire,water,and air.

Dolton model

In the 1800s John dolton made the dolton model. The theory was that a tiny sphere can be dived of elements of the same kind.

Thompson model

The Thompson model was discovered in 1897. Joseph Thompson was the one who discovered It. Theory was that all atoms were sphere. Also know as the plum pudding theory
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The Rutherford model

The Rutherford Greek model was after Ernest Rutherford. The Theory was that an Atom is hollow. The experiment shows that most of the particles pass through the Atom .
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Bohr model

Niels Bohr said that The theory was that electrons orbit the nucleus. They orbit the nucleus in a cloud or ring.

louis de broglie and erwin schrodinger ( quantum model)

The quantum model explains that electrons are constantly moving. electrons do not move around in a orderly fashion, they are always shaking.