Mrs. Carter's Class

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Dates to Remember

  • 12/7 Marvelous Monday
  • 12/9 Lunch & Learn Internet Safety (12:00)
  • 12/14 ELA Extra credit due

What's going on in class?

All classes will begin research this week. Parents, all research will be completed in class. I have uploaded a packet that students will follow to their Google drive. They can access these at home, if they would like to. Students can print these at home, if they would like.

Students in 1st and 6th periods will research animals to go along with the animal intelligence theme we have been studying.

There will not be any written homework this week in 1st and 6th periods.

Students in 2nd and 7th periods will research a natural disaster to go along with the order and chaos theme we have been studying. We will do all of the research before the Winter break and write the actual paper when we return.


Article of the week due Friday

Greek/Latin vocab quiz Friday


Thank you so much for the pencils you sent in. We can always use more! We definitely need more tissues.
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