Digital Citizenship Project

Selena V. Period 6

Rule 1: Be Kind

Always be kind online and be careful of what you say on the internet because once it goes out it will never be taken back. Also, make the way you communicate clearly and make your messages clear and easy to read or understand.Lastly, ask permission if you could post something about another person online.

Rule 2: Be careful and safe online

Be careful of what you post online. There are many predators online who can hack,stalk, and steal your identity. To avoid this, do not give out your number or home address to anyone you don't know.

Rule 3: Be careful of what you're posting online

Be careful of what you're posting online. For example if you're posting a(n) embarrassing photo or something personal, it can rub off on you're behavior and sometimes it can be very terrible. On social network, you're profile is your identity so you need to be extremely careful with it. Lastly, protect your privacy. You can do this by declining requests from people you don't know and going over your privacy settings.

Rule 4: keep your personal info to yourself

Always keep your personal info to yourself. Don't give anyone your password for anything, therefore it can lead to dangerous or sticky situations. Never give out your address or tell who you are until you're very familiar with the website you're using.

Rule 5: don't let cyberbullies get to you

Don't let bullies get to you. One thing you should never do is fight back to a cyberbully. Don't open or read messages from cyberbullies if you want to avoid them. You can also report someone if the bullying never stops. Lastly, tell someone immediately if you're constantly getting harassed.

Rule 6: