Best fuel in town!

Bio-fuel is safer for the environment. Bio-fuel is made from sugary and starchy parts.It is mixed with the fuel petrol. Bio-ethanol is renewable and can be replenished.

What's in are Fuel?

Why Bio-ethonal?

Bio-ethanol is the most commonly produced bio-fuel in the world, and its largest producers are the US and Brazil from corn and sugar cane respectively. To be used as a fuel, bio-ethanol must be mixed with petrol, and typically a mixture will contain 10% bio-ethanol and 90% petrol.

This is Bio-ethonal

Ethanol produced from sugar cane in Brazil has been found to produce at least 50 percent less greenhouse gas emissions compared with their fossil fuel equivalent, although the calculation of greenhouse gases is a controversial area of science.


Bio-ethanol cannot be used as a fuel on its own – it can only make up 10% of a fuel. If we wanted to use more bio-ethanol than that, we would have to change the design of car engines. Bio-ethanol absorbs water from the atmosphere and so cannot be used ‘neat’.

Why Bio-ethonal is a good choice?

Bio-ethanol has a lower energy density than fossil fuel equivalents, so motorists are able to drive fewer miles on a liter of bio-ethanol compared with a liter of normal car fuel. Its better for the environment and for the earth.