The national summer game of England


Cricket was first hinted at in the 13th century when young boys bowled at a hurdle gate. This gate was made of two upright metal bars and a cross bar on top. The ball used to be stone but now the ball is smiliar to a tennis ball. The bat was made out of a tree branch, and is now made out of a smooth, flat piece of wood.


Cricket is a bat and ball game and has two teams of eleven players and a extra player if one of the eleven get injured. This extra player is not allowed to do anything unless someone is injured. The objective of the game is to score more runs than the other team. At the start of the game the captains flip a coin to see who should take the first inning, then the batting team goes to make the runs. They try to make as many runs as possible, when 10 out of the 11 players have ran the last player is declared "not out" meaning that team switches spots with the other team giving them the batting position. The bowler is like a pitcher in baseball who rolls the ball to the batter, and the wicketkeeper is similar to a catcher.

Some of the best players:

One of the greatest finish ever in cricket history..IND vs NZ