My country, my place

Greek students describe their place!


My country is beautiful and it has got a lot of islands. The two biggest cities of Greece are Athens and Thessaloniki. Greece produces <<ouzo>>, wine and olive oil. Thousands of tourists visit Greece every year. I believe Greece is the best country in the world! -Vangelis-

I love Greece!

My country!

Greece is in the east side of Europe. The capital city of Greece is Athens. In Athens there are a lot of ancient sights such as the Acropolis, Thyseo and many more. My country borders Bulgaria, Albania and Turkey. The most touristic island of Greece is Santorini because of its picturesque sunsets. The beaches are beautiful and the sea is clear. The longest river is << Aliakmonas>>. Every year many tourists visit Greece for its beaches and its ancient history. Also, a lot of beautiful animals live in Greek forests. We have such nice forests that we often go on pic-nics. The temperature in the northern part of Greece is very low and sometimes it drops below zero. In the islands, though, it isn't so cold but it's windy. Many people from other countries come to live here for better qulity in their lives. That's all about my country! -Demmie_

My country: Greece!

Greece is where I come from. Greece is a wonderful country. It has got a lot of beautiful places such as Thyseo, the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the White Tower and many more. The highest Greek mountain is Olympus. The capital city of Greece is Athens. Greece has got clear blue seas and they are wonderful! Its islands are very beautiful, especially Crete, Mykonos and Santorini. It is famous for the food, for its islands and the sun. Summers are very hot and the beaches are great! It has got a lot of tourists in summer. Also, Greek mythology is famous around the world. I love my country very much! Bill

Chania, Crete

I come from Greece. My hometown is in Chania, Crete. There is a mountain there called <<Ivi>>. In Crete there are beautiful beaches and villages which you can visit. The people in Chania are hospitable. I love my country very much and I don't want to leave from here!


My county: Greece

I come form Greece the country where the Olympic games and Alexander the Great were borne. Greece has many monuments including the Parthenon, the Palace of Knossos and the tomb of king Philip II. Greece is in the north-east part of Europe in the Mediterranean sea and borders Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria nad FYROM. Millions of tourists visit Greece every year to eat traditional food , swim in our crystal-clear beaches, enjoy our hospitality, sunshine and our magnificent islands. Greece has got hot and dry summers and cold and rainy winters. My country produces the best quality oil and wine which are exported over the world!

For me, Greece is the most beautiful country in the world and everyone should come and visit it soon! -Alexandra-