Interactive sharing for the classroom setting

Create and Share Games, Stories, and Pictures

This program allows you to create and share games, pictures, and other interactive content that can easily be shared amongst one's peers.

Use of this program teaches critical thinking skills, creativity, and social networking.

This tool requires minor setup time and is designed to be used with students of all ages, as it requires simple setup but there is a learning curve that is required to produce a great product. The only technology required is a computer, which is something that schools should be able to provide to students.


- Interactive

- Fun activity

- Social Networking


- Requires technology

- Could be distracting

- Learning Curve

Recording #1

Scratch is an incredibly powerful teaching tool to create and share games, music, art and stories. You can learn programming putting the pieces of codes together as building blocks (sprites). There is a "stage" where you can see how the "sprites" work together and form the complete story.

Reviewed by Jacob Koshak