The Happiest Place on Earth

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How it All Started

As a father of two, Walt Disney (the founder) took his daughters to many amusement parks. He saw how much they had fun and had the great idea of creating a place where both adults and children could both have fun. Years later, on July 17 in the year of 1955, Disneyland was finally opened!


In Anaheim, California, Disneyland currently has 58 attractions! They include things from roller coasters, to games, and towns, and even must needed to visit attractions such as The Haunted Mansion! Some of the most popular rides at Disney include the Indiana Jones Adventure. This ride takes you on a crazy adventure with Indiana Jones through caves and mines with many effects which make the ride 10 times better!


Going to Disneyland coming from a different state can be difficult. You need to plan transportation and when you get there, you need a place to stay in. That's why Disney has many resorts! They each all have their own special theme.They vary from legos, to a castle and even to a motel theme like the one in the Disney movie "Cars"!

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