Stephen Arnold Douglas & Frederick Douglass

two Douglass's, one time period.


frederick douglass

frederick douglass, born February 1817 or 1818, was one of the most important abolitionist in the Civil War era. He lived as a slave in many different places in Maryland. Douglass attempted to escape from slavery not once , but twice. He was unsuccessful the first time , landing him in jail for a week, but by the second try he was experienced enough to succeed. Douglass went on to write about his experiences to help show others the cruelty behind slavery. By publishing his books he was risking his life, but decided to go ahead and do it anyway for anti-slavery propaganda. During the Civil War Douglass helped organize two regimes of African Americans and urged other blacks to join the union. He did the same during the Reconstruction era, urging civil rights for his fellow African Americans.

By: Phoebe Hancock

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Stephen Arnold Douglas

Stephen A. Douglas

Douglas was a U.S. representative born in Brandon,Vermont June 3,1861.He was known for running against Abraham Lincoln and writing the Kansas-Nebraska act of 1854.Douglas lived most of his life in Chicago,Illinois.He was also a politician in the Democratic party.The Kansas-Nebraska act came to be because of his believe in popular sovereignty.This act was the cause of Bleeding Kansas a fight between Kansas and Nebraska.

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