How did Guatemala become a Country

by: Geidy Vargas

How it all began

”The Maya-Quiché (see Quiché) inhabited Guatemala long before the arrival of the Spanish. They were defeated (1523–24) by the Spaniard Pedro de Alvarado, who became captain general of Guatemala. The conquerors found little of the gold they sought, but cocoa and indigo were raised with forced labor. The first colonial capital, Santiago de Guatemala (Tecpán), was replaced in 1527 by Ciudad Vieja. A volcanic mud and debris flow destroyed the capital in 1541, and Antigua Guatemala was founded to replace it. After a series of earthquakes destroyed Antigua Guatemala in 1773, the capital was moved to its current location at Guatemala City. Central America became independent from Spain in 1821. Guatemala was first a part of the Mexican Empire of Agustín de Iturbide and then became a nucleus of the Central American Federation. After the federation collapsed, Guatemala became a separate nation (1839)”.


__”Guatemala first settlers were the Mayans, who built cities whose ruins still exist today. The Mayans prospered in Guatemala for almost 2,000 years before the Spanish, led by Conquistador Pedro de Alvarado, colonized the country in the early 16th century. The country did not gain independence until 1821 when it became part of the Mexican Empire. Guatemala gained complete independence in the 1840s. In-fighting led to decades of division in the country, culminating in a 36-year civil war that concluded in 1996 with the signing of a peace accord.”

A brief history of Guatemala

Guatemala became independent of Spain in 1821. It was annexed by Mexico for a short time but in 1823 Guatemala became part of the United Provinces of Central America with Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Honduras. However the union was short lived. It broke up completely in 1840.

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