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November Trade Day Credit

Looking for technology classes to cover your November trade days? Or just want some extra learning? Click here to see all the technology courses offered this fall! (Hint: Come to mine!!! I have treats!!!)

Log-in Issues on MacBook

Does your MacBook give you different options when you log in? Some times you can see everything you need, some times you can't? Are you waiting until there are system log ins available? You know that little message that pops up next to your username? If you wait until it goes away by itself, you are now connected to the district servers. You are more likely to be able to do everything you need to on the first try.
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Google Classroom App VS Website

When I used Google Classroom last year, I had my students make an icon of the website and place it right next to the app icon. The website and the app both gather the same information. Students can get and submit work in either format and it will come back to you, the teacher! So if the app isn't working, use the website. If the website isn't working, use the app! Its a quick fix that can save you lots of time!
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Emails That Don't Show Links

Do your emails show hyperlinks in really long text? Do you ever see pictures in your email or do you have to click on the link? Does your email look like its in the font of a typewriter. Your email is not set to HTML. That just means it won't show anything that links to the internet. To change these settings:

Open Outlook

Click on the word Outlook up at the very top of your screen

Choose Preferences

Choose Composing

Choose HTML.

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Ever wonder how to make a QR code?

Try a free QR code generator like

Copy the URL (web address) you want to get to quickly.

Insert where it says "Website"

Once the QR code is generated, copy and paste it into a document and print it for easy use.

iPad Support Ticket

When your students have problems with their iPad, there's an app for that! (Well an icon, anyway). Every student has an icon that takes them to the work order site. They also have an icon that shows their serial number so they can copy and paste it into the work order. They can complete this from anywhere. They can even use someone else's iPad if they can't use their own. Here are the steps:

This is a two part process.

Part 1:

  1. Open the app iPad Inventory.

  2. Copy the iPad serial number.

Part 2:

  1. Open the app iPad Support

  2. Enter your LISD login information.

  3. Paste your iPad serial number in the first box.

  4. Type “Various Rooms” in the Room/Location box.

  5. Complete the remaining questions.

  6. After you complete the form click submit.

Are you wondering how security settings have changed for the iPads this year? Click the title above to see the current list of unapproved apps for LISD issued student iPads. The iPads will be scanned when they are on district servers and warning messages will be sent to the students via a changed background of the iPad to let them know they have an unapproved app. If they do not remove it, after a period of time, the iPad will be locked. This is not a 100% perfect system, but it is a huge step in helping make the iPads a learning tool in the classroom while making an effort to protecting our students.

For more information, go to:

1:X tab

iPad Apps

Scroll down to the secondary section.