Gabriel Dumont

By Hannah, Heidi, Dylan

Gabriel's childhood

-Gabriel Dumont was raised in a family that traveled to hunt buffalo.

-Once he was 25 he was elected to hunt buffalo.

-When he was young he traveled and he recieved a gun that he called "Le Petit".

-He was born in St. Bonafice, Red River settelment on December 1st, 1837.

-A while after birth moved to Fort Pit.

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What languages did he speak?

-Gabriel Dumont could speak 6 languages they were..........

-Black Foot






Who did he marry.

-Gabriel Dumont married Madeline Wilkie.

-They had five children together.

-Gabriel Dumont got married at the age of 21

-Madeline died of tiberculoses

How did he meet Louis Reil?

-Gabreil Dumont was elected to hunt buffalo.

-After a while he became the president of the mètis.

-Louis Riel joined him and lead the mètis together.


-Gabriel Dumont died May 19th, 1906

-died of heart attack

-68 years old when he died

-died in Bellevue, Saskatchewan