Eden and Yam

What is Hip-Hop and why is it important?

Hip hop is a movement that was started by black and Latino youth in New York and spread all around the world. It is important because it is very good for your health, it gets you in shape and it is very fun at the same time!

What is special in Hip-Hop?

The special thing about Hip-Hop is that everyone who wants to try it can do it! It doesn’t require special abilities or early knowledge in dance. Another special thing about hip-hop is that it can help you to express yourself.

International winners

come and hop in hip hop!

World record

There was an incredible world record when someone flipped over 10 peoples!

Fallen Kings - USA vs Beat Root Boys - South Africa @ HHI's 2012 World Bboy/Bgirl Battles
Front Flip Over 10 People