John Peter Zenger

By: Daisy & Josiah 5th Period


Integrity is having strong moral principles and being upright.

John Zenger was a man of high integrity almost to a fault! One of his most notable life accomplishments was printing a newspaper calling out a corrupt governor! He was arrested and still made sure his newspaper was printed. He left the trial unscathed thanks to his Lawyers Andrew Hamilton and William Smith.

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The Character of an individual viewed as a member of society;behavior in the terms of the duties, obligations, and functions of a citizen. John was a true citizen because he went as far as he had to go to give colonists more rights. He spent days in jail to accuse the governor William S. Cosby of rigging elections. Even though he knew he would win by a longshot he made sure that his obligation was to print his words. He thought it was his duty to find the truth for the rest of the colonists.


John was born in 1697 in Germany and immigrated to New York with his family. He Became a printing apprentice and eventually made his own printing business he then stated his own newspaper to get the word out about a corrupt governor He rubbed shoulders with the likes of Andrew Hamilton and encouraged many of our nations founders.