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4th Edition

Google Classroom

The purpose of this newsletter is to introduce teachers to Google Classroom and to offer tips and more advanced features for experienced Google Classroom users.
Having a basic understanding of Google Drive will help support your learning of Google Classroom. The advantage to adding Classroom to your repertoire is being able to keep track of assignments easier, assigning due dates, making important documents available to your students, and discussions. You'll probably discover many more advantages as you jump into Google Classroom.
My advice is to set up a classroom and give it a try. Start small so that you can get the basic idea, then expand. Have no fear, it really is pretty simple!

How to Find Google Classroom

1. Login to your Google Drive.
2. Click on the 3x3 grid in the upper right hand corner and select classroom.
Type this URL:
The first time you go to classroom, you might get a message that says something like you have to be approved to be in classroom. If so, just contact the tech department and they can take care of that for you.
Setting Up Your Google Classroom

Stream - - - Students - - - About

These are the 3 areas in Classroom:
where you'll post announcements, create assignments, and pose questions for discussion. This is where you'll see the class code.
Students: you can invite students yourself here or give them the class code.
About: add documents here that are informational, class syllabus, important information that students need to have handy.

Create Question

You will create a question under Stream. Click on the blue circle with the plus sign and choose create question. By choosing this option, you'll be able to start a discussion. Students will respond to your question and each other's comments. Voila, a discussion!

Create an Assignment

You will add assignments under Stream. Click on the blue circle with the plus sign. You'll see you have other options besides assignments.
In the example below, you'll notice that you can add an attachment, something from Google Drive, a video, and a link. You'll be able to select a due date from the popup calendar, and even set a time for the assignment to be due.
Big image

Due Date

There are 3 horizontal dots that appear beside the due date in an assignment. This is where you can move an assignment to the top of the list, edit the assignment or due date, or delete the assignment.

The Gooru Newsletter - AMAZING!!!!

These Google Drive Goorus do a very thorough job of explaining Google Classroom! I can't create it any better than they can. For new users, start with part 1 and try it as you go. For those who've been using Classroom start in part 2 and go on to part 3.
Part 1. Everything You Need to Know in Google Classroom part 1
Part 2. Everything You Need to Know in Google Classroom part 2
Part 3. Everything You Need to Know in Google Classroom part 3

Tech Challenge with Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler has many posts on Google Classroom. You will learn so much from perusing her site:
Choose any of her topics and explain how that will make your 'Google Classroom' life better! Share your responses in Today's Meet:
To make this more valuable, be sure and check back on Today's Meet to see how others respond. If you add a comment AND reply to someone else's comment you qualify for a prize! Also, let us know in Today's Meet if you've been using Google Classroom with students. That way we know who to go to for help! Please respond by Friday, November 20th.
Prize: A surprise from the Frazier kitchen!