Mongenas Class Newsletter

News for the Month of March

Content Corner

Reading: We continue to study the elements of non-fiction texts...really looking at the structure of how non-fiction texts are set up and the sequential words that are used. We have also been working on comparing and contrasting various text structures using a Venn diagram. Students are using the text to locate similarities and differences within a text. We also have been working on comparing and contrasting information about the same topic by reading two different texts on the same topic. We continue to work on main idea and details. This is a difficult concept for students to grasp. Most students want to just state the topic and not the main point/idea. For example, we read a text about Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the students were asked what the main idea of the passage was. For many, they just stated Martin Luther King Jr. when the main idea was about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and how people celebrate the life and works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. within their communities and schools.

Writing: In writing, we continue writing formal and informal letters. We just received our first letters from our second grade pen pals. The students love getting mail! We will continue to correspond with Mrs. Jason's 2nd grade class throughout the rest of the school year. They will be our 2nd visitors in May. It's always fun to put a face with a name and what better way to get to know someone, but through a letter. In addition to writing to our second grade pen pals, students also wrote a thank you note to someone for one of their holiday gifts. We continue to work on the parts of a letter- heading, greeting, body, and closing. Next, we will begin to really delve into poetry. Students will read, write and respond to various forms of poetry. I love poetry, because it is a way to express yourself with few words. We will talk about the importance of word choice when creating poems and how using just the right words helps to create a meaningful poem. Students will be introduced to both figurative and literal language.

Word Study: Students have been working on prefixes, suffixes, and base words. We also have been working on synonyms, antonyms, homophones, and multiple meaning words. We will next be working on quotation marks. Students will be asked to bring in a fun picture of themselves when they were younger. It's fun to see what quotes they come up with to describe the picture! One quotation picture needs to be brought in by Monday, Mar. 10th.

Science: We are well into our last Science unit: Behavior, Growth, and Change. Students have been learning about how offspring often resemble their parents, as well as learning about inherited and learned behavior. Also within this unit, students have learned about various animal adaptations that animals have in order to help them to survive in the wild. We also are learning about lifecycles and will be creating our own lifecycle chart on computers. Students are asked to send me 3-4 digital photos from birth until present day by Wednesday, March 12th. We will conclude our unit with the students writing an animal research report on a specific animal of their choice. Early next week we will pick animals to research from one of the five animal classes that we are learning about.

Showdown at Resource Ranch

We attended a performance titled "Showdown at Resource Ranch" put on by the National Theatre for Children. The students really enjoyed the performance and were able to make many connections to our previous unit of study on energy and resources. Feel free to sign up online for your own Energy Efficiency kit sponsored by Duke Energy.


Monday March 10th from 10:15-11:45 (English Language Arts)
Wednesday March 12th from 10:15-11:45

Sunday & Tuesday nights
- get to bed early
- eat a good breakfast


We have been having many indoor recesses lately, but when the temperatures warm up, we will head outside to get some fresh air. Please remember to have your child dressed for the weather in case we do venture outdoors. Hat, gloves, and a warm winter coat will definitely keep them warm!


These students have been seen spreading the seeds of the school-wide LIFESKILLS.

-Emery, Ryan, Gianni, Ava, Luis, & Lily are demonstrating the lifeskill of Active Listening on a daily basis.

-Morgan, Nathan, Harry, & Miranda has been showing the lifeskill of caring by keeping our classroom neat and organized.

-Will, Kira, Sarika, & Michael have shown initiative and personal best by working hard on their fantasy book clubs and summaries.

Amy Mongenas

3rd Grade Teacher

Indian hill Elementary School