Created by: Devereux Evans

What is it?

Airsoft is a combat simulation in which multiple persons will utilize tactical methods in order to "eliminate" enemy players. The players of the game are equipped with electric or gas powered BB guns which are capable of shooting a plastic BB at high velocities just like a paintball gun can shoot a paintball at a high velocity. The game ultimately serves as an entertaining way to get some exercise as well as training if that is necessary.

Helpful Hints

When looking for airsoft equipment it is necessary to look up the laws in your area that are applied towards some weapons. For example, in New Hampshire you do not need an orange tip on your gun, you can replace it with a black or alternative tip. In California you NEED an orange tip on your weapon and you can be heavily fined if you do not comply.

Also, when you are looking to buy your first airsoft gun it is best to find an economical model, this is so you dont get heavily invested in something you have not done as well as the reason that the more expensive guns are so because of their steel constructive parts as well as the option to enhance their performance with alternate third party parts. Since you do not even comprehend the way the gun works at first, it is wise to not bother in trying to enhance your first gun because more than likely you will destroy it or brake vital pieces during the dis assembly.

A good place to start

I find that this website ( is a very good place for beginners and experts alike. The site has a good breakdown between the professional models as well as the beginning ones. The site also has the recommended parts and accessories at a fair price overall.