Becoming a Scientist

Tess Vivian

Did you ever have those friends who always made their kids eat healthy and you dreaded going over to their house because you know they had no junk? Well that was my life growing up and you can thank my mom for that, but I could not thank her more. Always trying to find the healthy way out of things and make the best of any situation my mom Tia Rains stands a helpful mom in the Vivian household. Spending more than 10 years in college to get a PhD in science, my mom is one of the smartest caring people I know. Always putting our families needs before hers but still managing to keep her cool baffles me every day with my mom. Please listen to her talk about where she gets her inspiration.
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Every week, I am pulled out and the kids always look sorrowful. I watch as I am rolled out the door and see the kids faces frown as if this is a weekly routine. Even the cat doesn't seem too thrilled about my appearance, as if she knows what I am for. I am rolled out the door and thrown into the back of a car. The trip is always bumpy but I don't mind anymore. I am checked through security and layer on a moving belt to go under the plane. I am brought to the bottom where I see all the other suitcases and wonder their story. I am brought out and I find Tia waiting for me at baggage claim. She picks me up and brings me to the hotel. I see as she sets me down in the hotel room and lays on her back on the bed that she wasn't happy to be here either. For the next few days I watch her pull clothes out of me and rush out the door. Working on her computer, always going to bed early. Until finally, I start to be packed. We're on our waye home. We go to the plane, I get checked and put in the plane once again. I am put back in the car and as we roll into the house the children run to greet their mother and are reunited again.


Tia Rains I now pronounce you the award of the best mom ever. Not only do you care about your kids and everyone around you more than yourself, you put everyone in a good mood. I rarely see you upset which gives me confidence and puts less stress on my shoulders. Your always there to listen to my annoying stories and act like you care and you always seem to never give up on what you strive for. Being a mom is tough, I can tell. But you do it so well and I couldn't ask for a better mom. Love you.


I come home from school on a Friday, so thrilled to finally see my mom. She had been in China for a week and was coming back today. My dad calls me down into the basement office. Somewhere he usually works. He said he had something to tell me, and I was a little baffled by this because I thought I was in trouble and I didn't remember doing anything bad... He then explains to me how my mom was in the hospital in China. She was in the airport and had just flat out fainted and the ambulance came and took her away. She was not coming home today. My dad was informed last night at about 2AM but didn't want to freak us out before school. Devastated I asked for more details. I was scared for her and for me. He let me call her, and it turns out she was fine. I chatted with her over the phone while she was in the hospital. She came home a few days later but they still don't know why she fainted. She's fine now and healthy and it never happened again.