Isaiah dyer

Hurricane warnings

Hurricanes can become really disruptive.They can destroy lots of things such as houses,buildings,trees,and power lines.Also they rain and flooding is really bad and it crashes cars swipes people away from their families also peoples homes are washed out cause problem all over the town.

how/were the storm forms

A hurricane is the most intense form of tropical cyclone,which is any rotating storm system that forms over tropical waters.It is a massive spinning thunderstorm with strong winds up to 74 miles an hour.Hurricanes cause serious destruction!

The cumulonimbus clouds are associated with the hurricane

Hurricanes are interesting to learn about!!

the 4 different categories for hurricanes

The different categories are very simple the first type is not tot bad wind speeds from 96-110 and he next one is 111-129 and this is bad but still not the worst speeds from 130-156 and the worst is 157 speed winds.

precautions for the storm

Some of the ways to prepare for the storm is put head and foot bolts on door for extra protection and u can put hurricane straps or clips to help hold the ruff down also u can go to a room that can take heavy winds.
How hurricanes form