My Digital Dossier

By: Adina Iqbal 7k

What is a digital dossier

A digital dossier is an accumulation of all the digital tracks someone or you leave behind.

My Digital Dossier

My digital dossier started when I was born.

When I was 7 I got a personal email

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When I was 11

I got an Instagram, I got a Snapchat, and I also got Skype. Plus this is the time I started searching and using the Internet for school.

Do's and Don'ts

You can put things that don't give away where you live.

However only show people you know.

Also don't get addicted to posting things on social media.

If you want to post a picture of your friends then ask them before you post it.


Please Remember to be careful when using the internet people can track you down using your digital dossier.