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February 2016

Advice: SPF doesn't get a winter break

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Winter doesn't give you license to forgo sunscreen. You're vulnerable to the sun's cancer-causing rays year-round whenever you go outdoors. Even when it's cloudy, raining, snowing or foggy, you need a minimum of 30 SPF sun protection. You are even in danger of sun damage while indoors near a window. Driving or riding in a car also exposes you to harmful rays. Don't believe me, take a long look at the left side of your face versus the right!

In cold months, the ozone layer thins, allowing more UV rays to hit the earth's surface — and you. Snow and ice reflect the sun, increasing its dangerous reach.

When you're wearing layers of warm, protective clothing, don't forget to protect the exposed skin on your face, neck and hands. I personally love the REVERSE SPF 50+ Sunscreen.

Learn more about sunscreen in this article from the American Academy of Dermatology.

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Product peek: Lip Renewing Serum

Protect that pucker. Time and the environment take a toll on lips. The smooth, naturally full, defined lips that nature gives us will, over time, become thinner, flatter, less rosy and more lined. Reclaim or maintain the lips of youth with REDEFINE Lip Renewing Serum. Each peptide and antioxidant-rich capsule helps lips retain natural moisturizing factors, smooths texture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. $54 for 60 capsules. Add our Lip Shield and finish with your favorite lipstick.
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