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Do you know the best report for parent-teacher conferences?

lick on the name of your class and choose the pie chart icon. Select "Student Detail Report" and the student's name. Here you can see the number of attempts a student makes on a content piece and more!

Do you know how to add closed captioning for your EasyTech lessons?

To see the caption button, click on the backslash \ character (not the forward slash). The cc button will appear if the lesson is captioned; if not, it will flash with a red line through it and disappear.

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Check It Out!

Check out these cool Web 2.0 tools!
  • Classroom management - ClassDojo for Teachers - find in the App Store (FREE!)

Our Fav <3 rites

Check out your some of your Implementation Specialists' favorite content items.
  • Aha!Math
  1. Fact Family Duck Pond - Game
  • Aha!Science
  1. Layers of the Atmosphere - Lesson
  • StudyDog
  1. Sight Words 2 - Lesson 1
  • EasyTech
  1. Grammar Safari - Journal

Focus on: Adjectives

Awesome content items you can find in the platform around "ADJECTIVES."
  • Grammar Safari - Journal
  • What is an Adjective?: Journal by Michelle Grady
  • 4:24 Adjective Adventure Game: Weblink by Doreen Walton
  • Acrostic Poem: Journal by Michelle Hanson

Have you heard...?

News and updates within the community and beyond
  • SAS Curriculum Pathways has now partnered with The best part? It's FREE! Find it in the Marketplace.
  • Take a look at this article on Common Core Next Generation Assessments from Education Week