Letters Of Poetry

charatcer analysis

Binging love for Bingley

Artful smile I send your way meaning no harm,

but I do wish to be in your grace

for days among days.

Like a wife should be for her husband,

As if thy could imagine a much amissful matter

with great pain remain deep in thy body

my heart mourns for thy Bingley.

Was my shyness to bashful?

Could such an astounding man not see

thy love for him ?

Letters to Darcy

The secret passion of my love for you burns thy soul, and heart

like the sun rises upon us, but kissoff I sent you away .

For your pride was too egotistical like a ruthless king leading over his people.

The secret passion of my love for you burns, thy soul, and heart

for i was too fanciful of you and your ways

becoming unladylike like while holding on to this prejudice monster deep inside.

But I still love you like a mother loves her first youthful seed.

But do you love thy ?

Do you still wish to take thy hand in a custom that only we share?

The secret passion of my love for you burns thy soul, and heart.

Character Analysis

Miari Moreland

English IV

Mrs. Dearman

13 November 2013

Dracy views himself as a very intelligent young gentleman though he may seem to be very prideful he feels that he is just being a honest man. A very wealthy man but in the beginning of the story he comes off to be more of person who feels that he is above everyone, he is a very good looking man so he feels that all of the woman should easily fall for him at the drop of a hat. He is a very brutal but honest man and he takes pride in it too.

Others look at Darcy as an ungrateful rude man they think he is very full of himself. in ways he kind of uses that fact that he is very wealthy over people and being that he is from a high social class as the backbone for him to be a jerk with it.

Over the course of the story he changes for the better abundantly after Lizzy (Elizabeth Bennett) rejected his marriage proposal, he started to realize that he was at time too prideful in a way a become more a true gentleman.