Kidsafe assignment

water safety

Why is Water a hazard for children

Being around water at a young age is hazardous, because children may not understand that if you fall in and do not know how to swim, you can drown. You can also be in danger of severely injuring your lungs.

Safety concerns

some safety concerns include; drowning, electricity around water can lead to being electrocuted, slipping and injuring yourself and allergic reaction to chlorine.

10 safety rules

1. dress in appropriate clothing for water
2. ensure an adult is supervising the child
3. also ensure that the responsible adults has learnt CPR
4. no running around the wet area
5. no mucking about
6. act responsible in the water
7. have appropriate safety gear
8. listen to the pools safety guards
9. in case of emergency dial 000
10. no sharp or hazardous objects near pool

What my statergies are for concerns

if a child was to drown while I was around the first thing I would do is try to retrieve them from the pool, next I would use the CPR method to see if they would respond. If they did not respond I would dial 000 to get medical help and advise. also if they were to slip and crack there head open for instance, the first thing that I would do is call 000 to aid to the child. for more information go to our website;