Steppin' into Heisdorf's Room

News and Notes


Over the last few weeks we have been working on settling in to our classroom routines. I have been working with each of the students individually to get a better idea of where they are as readers.

This week we started looking at features of non-fiction books. We have been reading about insects as well.

Over the next few weeks we will be reading some non-fiction books in our reading groups. We will be looking at how non-fiction text is organized, main idea and supporting details.

Along with that, we will be starting to work answering comprehension questions as well.

Word Work

This week we are starting our spelling work which includes weekly spelling homework and tests.

With this program we spend a lot of time looking at the spelling patterns and sort words. We do not have a lot of time built in for studying. Students will need to do that at home.

Today students brought home a practice sheet. Please find the time to quiz your child nightly on the words. They should check over their work and correct any mistakes. Then each night they should do the same. On Tuesday and Thursday they should fold the paper in half so they can't see the work from the night before.

Students will be turning in their practice sheets every Friday.

If you have any questions please call me.


We have started our first writing project this week. Students are creating a non-fiction book on an insect that they have read about. In our book we will be writing about the life cycle and habitats of the insects. We will also be working in our writing journals.


We have been working on reviewing strategies for "quick" adding. Some of the strategies are a review and some are new. Our goal is to move away from using tools - number lines, ten frames or fingers to add single digit numbers.

Next week we will be moving into subtraction strategies.


We have built habitats for four different insects now. Students have been watching the meal worms go through the phases of their life cycle. We now have beetles! We are continuing to learn more about insects. Students now know what a bug has to have to be an insect (ask them to sing their song). They also know what an insect needs in its habitat. Over the next few weeks we will be watching the wax worms, milkweed bugs and painted lady caterpillars and see how they change. We will also be looking at how insects are alike and how they are different.

Other Information

Spirit Week

September 28-October 2

Monday -Pajama day

Tuesday -Sports day

Wednesday- Wacky Wednesday

Thursday- Dress your best

Friday- East/West spirit day