Lord of the Flies Project

By: Danny Turner

A totalitarian dictatorship

A totalitarian dictatorship is what Jacks tribe represents. A totalitarian dictatorship is a form of government that gives all power to 1 person. The power of a dictator is usually obtained by force. In a dictatorship, nobody has a say in anything. In chapter 9, Jack says "Give me a drink". Jack is abusing his power as a dictator would.

A democracy

A democracy is when the people elect people to vote for someone to be a leader of a society. This is an example of Ralphs tribe. In a democracy, people get a say in how things are run. An example of this is when Ralph says, "this meeting shall not be fun, but business."

My society

I would choose a democracy. I would choose a democracy because i want people to have a say in how things are done.

My rules:

1. Freedom of speech, press, religion

2. Equal protection to all citizens

3. Right to a speedy and fair trial

4. Due process, and double jeopardy

5. Right to a house out of school

6. Right to a living wage out of school

7. If you dont work without a good reason (ex. disabled) then your house and living wage is taken away

8. College is free

9. Free healthcare unless you are proven to be taking advantage of it

10. Nobody pays less than 30% taxes and more than 40%

I would have police enforce rules.

French revolution

During the French Revolution, many people were killed including leaders of France. Cities were destroyed during the revolution. The government was doing their best to control the situation but they could only do so much. They were just too outnumbered.

Modern conflict

In Baltimore, Maryland, a conflict between protesters and police has been raging on. The protesters say that the police killed the man and he shouldn't have died. The police say it wasn't their fault because the man recently had back surgery and was fighting with the police. When he was put in the back of the police van he was bouncing around and further injured himself and ended up passing away. The rioters want to solve the conflict by burning cars and buildings and hurting police officers. The police plan to contain the riots and let them cool down just as they did in Ferguson. Police have the national guard to help them out but are doing everything they can to stay safe and at the same time not take the lives of any of the protesters to cause any further conflict. The protesters are trying to use the news and past events to try and get people to take their side. The protesters want justice for, in their opinion, the unlawful death of Freddie Gray. I believe the police will win because i think his death was justified and that they didnt know about his condition when he was fighting with them. Also, the man had a history of crime.
The French Revolution: Crash Course World History #29

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