on Race Relations and Ethics


Friday, Nov. 15th, 7:30pm

107 Crystal St

East Stroudsburg, PA

We decided to host the symposium at Lauren's (very modest) apartment, as it is in walking distance from campus.

Growlers from Vermont Brewfest (Black Rye IPA) and Cape May Brewery (Wheat IPA and Saison) will be up for grabs. I also have homemade mead and dandelion wine.

As the host doesn't drink liquor, feel free to bring a drink of choice (assuming you're 21). (Happy belated 21st birthday, Rob).

Also, this chick that's hosting prefers (AKA demands) that no one drink and drive. There's a tiny, but very comfortable couch in my apartment. Otherwise, bring some blankets and camp out on my floor.

P.S. Call me when you're outside--or else you can't get into my building.

"How to Host a Symposium"

Naturally, a symposium must have a topic; we've decided to include Race Relations (for the sake of Political Philosophy class), but the overall theme is "ethics." If anyone is interested in posing a question that's weighing on their mind, we can adapt the discussion towards that. We can also critique systems of ethics (virtue ethics, Kantian ethics, and utilitarianism being the most prominent.)

We also have to decide on a format. Small groups require more moderators to keep the conversation on track, lead the discussion with open-ended questions and take notes to bring back to the overall group. We could either break down the group into 3 by systems of ethics, or we could discuss each system as a group.

Nick will likely record the actual discussion for funzies.

We should also delegate a conversation leader. The Harwood Institute likens the rules to those for a “kitchen table conversation.” Everyone participates, no one dominates.

Race Relations Bit

This symposium will include a Race Relations segment for those who missed the formal meetings. I have notes on facilitator prompts, so, if anyone wants to start thinking about potential points of discussion now, here are the questions:

Between 1 and 10, 10 being the most diverse, how would you rate East Stroudsburg University's campus diversity?

Why would you rate it at this number?

With which race and ethnicity do you identify?

What are prominent stereotypes associated with each of our races and ethnicities?

Can stereotypes be positive?

What are your personal feelings about interracial dating?

How would your parents (or general loved ones) react if you dated interracially?

Which responses surprised you the most, and why?

Be Sweet and Speak Smart!