March Newsletter

American International School of Monrovia, 2023

Director's Message,

Dear AISM Community,

As we begin to contemplate spring, lets take a moment to pause and acknowledge just how far we have come as a school community. Reflecting on student progress is one way to encourage and inspire students. There has been academic growth by our students as indicated in the collective MAP scores below. Testing mid year is one way teachers can monitor student growth/challenges. As we look at the collective growth we are also able to look at individual data points and differentiate where needed.

Student achievement can be directly linked to professional development. The AISM Faculty as a whole have made great strides through professional development, workshops, Master's programs, weekly team meetings and their own self study. The AISM Faculty show up daily with smiles on their faces, prepared with rigorous lessons and meaningful activities.

As we continue to improve and make adjustments to our academic program, we acknowledge the efforts of our students, teachers and parents who continue to make AISM better.

Kind regards,




Some of you may have heard the news that AISM has been gifted a new Science Lab and Greenhouse. Below are the architects initial renderings. Although the refurbishment and addition of the Science Lab & Greenhouse have been donated. We still need furnishings and supplies for both the greenhouse and lab. The AISM PTA has set a goal to raise funds towards this effort. Soon you will receive a donation letter from the PTA with more details on how you can be a part of this wonderful giving opportunity.

Model United Nations Conference Highlights

AISM Conference

Model United Nations -recap -by Miss Gibson- MUN Coordinator

AISM MUN started its inaugural MUN conference trip on January 31st. Leaving campus around 4:30 pm, the AISM team headed for Farmington hotel, where they spent the night. The following morning, at 4 am, they began their international travel. Three flights later, and 23 hours of travel, the AISM MUN team made it to the Philippines. The next day, the five AISM delegates were networking with fellow MUN delegates and learning about Philippine culture.

During the conference, each AISM delegate ended up being the head of separate blocks despite them having met their fellow delegates less than twenty-four hours before. By the end of the conference, the AISM delegates came together to form their own block and sponsor a resolution. The AISM resolution gained the most signatories. Three out of five AISM delegates addressed the Assembly. The AISM team made us proud!

Outside the conference, the team along with AISM parent chaperones explored the world's oldest Chinatown, the Intramuros, multiple old churches, and the famous Mall of Asia. After months of planning and preparation, we are so happy the trip was a learning experience for all, a beautiful cultural exchange, and a complete success.

Miss Gibson is excited to see who will make up next year's AISM MUN traveling team! Next year we'll attend a MUN conference in an exciting new location as well as the option to be a part of MUN without having to travel.

In Honor of Black History Month, We had this AMAZING performance. ENJOY!

Black History 2022 2023

2023 Sports Day Highlights

Sports Day 2022 2023

After 16 years of service to AISM, Mr. George B. Sando Has Retired!

Announcement of Scholarship

Big picture

AISM Scholarship Presentation to the Liberian Employees Assoc. @ The US EMBASSY

Spring is almost here!

  • 🌱 The spring season gets its name from the verb "spring." It's a nod to the flowers and plants springing up, springing open, and bursting into blossom.
  • 🐣 The word itself comes from the Old English word "springan," which means "to leap, burst forth, fly up; spread, grow."
  • 🌸 During the 14th century, the word came to describe the spring season, the time when plants wake from their winter sleep and bloom.
  • 🌅 Before that, the word "Lent" was used to describe the season: "In the past it was the main word for ‘spring.' Lent surfaced as ‘lencten,' that is, ‘lengten': the season got its name because in spring days lengthen.

Important Dates & Reminders

  • March 8th- Decoration Day (LIB) No School.
  • March 15th- J.J. Roberts Birthday (LIB) NO School.
  • March 24th- End of Quarter 3

March Lunch Menu:

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