No Japs Allowed

Japanese Internment

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Reason for choosing this image.

1. This image represents the negative attitude towards the Japanese during WWII

2. The picture shows the extent of which "Americans" would go to to discrimante against the Japanese.

3. I Think that this picture also represents the fear that was going in america at that time.

4. I also beileve that this picture is a representation of how hardy the Japanese were. Just look at the man in that picture. He has somewhat of a smile on his face even though it could be a fake or half hearted one.

5. This photo shows just how much young childeren of the time could be affected from society.

My quote

Quote: "Thats not him, we said to our mother, thats not him, but our mother no longer seemed to hear us."

I chose this quote because it shows how much the camps can change the Japanese. The children are talking about their father who just stepped off the train from the camps. His own kids did not recognize him after his 3 years away from him. This must have happened all around the country at the time. Fathers coming back after three years in camps for "illegal Aliens". they change so much that their own kids don't recognize them.


In conclusion the Japanese were thrown out by a society that had them as registered citizens. They were brutally mocked and beaten by their neighbors, coworkers and complete strangers. After the war was over they could not return to society as they had left it. They took the jobs no else took and got underpaid and underprivileged.