Returning grades 7-12 to hybrid

Update to Families - January 27, 2021

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Spring Lake Park Schools families:

Our preK-6 students have been back in schools for a week. Everything has gone well. We’ve also continued to monitor case rates and plan for secondary students. The 14-day rolling average of COVID-19 cases in Anoka county are now trending below 30 cases per 10,000 residents.

We are moving forward with our plan to return students in grades 7-12 to a Modified Campus (hybrid) model beginning Feb. 16 (B day). Students who have chosen the Modified Campus (hybrid) model will transition back in this model. Students who have chosen Extended Flexible Learning will continue in Extended Flexible Learning. We’ve had about a quarter of our grades 7-12 students into our buildings for targeted support. We’re excited to now return all of our Modified Campus (hybrid) students.

We will consider requests for students to move from Extended Flexible Learning (distance) to Modified Campus (hybrid) at the trimester transition. Families continue to have the option to request a transition to Extended Flexible Learning at any time.

Transition plan: grades 7-12

We return to a Modified Campus (hybrid) model with schedules continuing as previously with those in group “A” in the buildings on Mondays and Thursdays, those in group “B” in the building on Tuesdays and Fridays, and Wednesdays continuing as at-home learning days. All health and safety guidelines for the hybrid model outlined in the Safe Learning Plan will continue to be in place for grades 7-12.

We are required by the state’s Safe Learning Plan to take two planning days for any transition in learning model. We will take these days in conjunction with previously scheduled days for conferences and communication and the President’s Day holiday. Here is the plan:

  • Feb. 10-11: No new learning for Modified Campus (hybrid) students in grades 7-12. Students are encouraged to use these days to catch up on any outstanding work and should look for more information from their teachers. Teachers and staff will use these to prepare for the return to school buildings. Learning will continue on February 10-11 for our Extended Flexible Learning students and teachers with perhaps a few exceptions for teachers who teach in both models and may need these days for planning.
  • Feb. 12: Conferences and communication - No school for all students
  • Feb. 15: President’s Day holiday – No school for all students and staff
  • Feb. 16:
    • “B” day students in the Modified Campus (hybrid) model return to the school building.
    • “A” day students in the Modified Campus (hybrid) model will learn at home. Their first day back in the school building will be Thursday, Feb. 18.
    • Students in Extended Flexible Learning will continue their learning online.

Given recent case trends, the beginning of the vaccination process and our collective success in practicing mitigation strategies, the return to full-time learning at school seems very possible in this school year. Following current guidelines, cases must trend below 10 cases per 10,000 residents to make this next transition for grades 7-12 possible. Let’s hope all of these current trends continue!

Please reach out to your building principal with questions and watch for more information from your school and child’s teachers over the next few weeks.

With appreciation,

Jeff Ronneberg, Ed. D


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