By:Nate Somppi and Shylah Owens


Sparta overall had a better government,education, and government. Sparta was founded by a group of people known as the Dorians who decided to settle in southern Greece they invaded native inhabitants and founded Sparta. Soon they decided to conquer the nearby province of messinia. Soon the spartan's decided to declare war on Argos and they were defeated to Argos. These events convinced Sparta to make drastic changes to its government. Then the messenians rebelled against Sparta. Next Sparta decided to make every male child be trained to become a soldier. This is how Sparta came into existence into the attention of millions.

Spartan government and education

Sparta Is awesome
Sparta during a basketball game


Sparta overall was more important polis than Athens because they had better education, social class benefits, and they had the best form of government. In 10th century Dorians moved into lesonia a part of southern greece. They conquered the native residence and decided to found the polis of sparta. Soon the spartans decided to conquer the nearby polis of messenia. This caused sparta to be one of the largest greek polises. This gave them fertile land and had enough food because of that. Soon the spartans were defeated in a war against argos. Then the messenians unfortunately decided to resist Sparta. Sparta had a large history but it's different from the other city states because of its education for boys and girls that were the opposite of Athen’s education, its social class benefits have more power than others which have less power in Athens, and the government had more power than Athens.