Happy New Year from LearningRx!

Life changes await in 2016!

Start the new year right with a free brain training session!

It's that time of year where we stop to reflect on the past year, and look forward to a new one full of possibility. As we hurry about our busy modern lives, the days turn into weeks, then months, and before you know it another year has passed. If you, your child, or your spouse faced struggles last year with learning, reading, or thinking in general, this is the year to do something about it!

Through the end of February, LearningRx is offering free, one-hour brain training sessions with a certified cognitive trainer. Come see our center, meet us, and get a feel for what brain training is all about! Just call us at (434) 220-7475 to book your session.

What our recent graduates have to say:

From the mother of 14-year-old ReadRx student:

Our trainer was amazing. Also, the improvements of our son's cognitive skills have benefited him greatly. Some successes we have seen in our son include increased attention span with distractions around, increased reading ability pertaining to volume of reading in a quicker amount of time, ability to recall multi-step instructions and remember them, and increased overall academic confidence.

From the mother of a 17-year-old ComprehendRx student:

The most important thing is the real difference it made in my daughter's life. The second-best thing is the supportive environment - my daughter and I both felt that everyone has a true interest in her progress and success. My daughter's confidence bubbled out! Her post-training scores indicated her improvements, but the pride she has at completing a difficult task is the best result.

From the grandmother of a 13-year-old ReadRx student:

My granddaughter had a very different attitude about her schoolwork after she had finished the LearningRx Program. She shows confidence, eagerness to dive into her homework, and feels sure she can do it. She likes to read for the first time ever and understands what she reads. She loved her trainer, and was always happy to go to her sessions.

In 2015, our Charlottesville clients gained over 23% in general intellectual ability on average after working with us.

Call us at (434) 220-7475 or email us at charlottesville.va@learningrx.net to book your complimentary brain training session and experience brain training for yourself!

We Are LearningRx!

We are LearningRx and we do brain training! We specialize in one-on-one cognitive development for kids and adults. Our programs help students, career adults, seniors, and even accident victims strengthen the underlying cognitive skills that determine how well they think, learn, read, and succeed. Give us a call or email us at charlottesville.va@learningrx.net for more information.