Autumn, Cody, Morgan, Varun

History of the protests

a. When did protests begin? On Decemeber 17, 2010. A 26 year old set himself on fire because of protest of his treatment at the hands of local authorities. Police seized his wheelbarrow full of produce and beaten him in public. The tragic circumstances surrounding Bouazizi's self-immolation sparked protests in his rural hometown. This first sparked revolution.

b. What were/are people protesting? Tunisia is in very very bad poverty, and once the dude set himself on fire. Everyone came to realize that Ben Ali was wrong, and was standing up for this man who protested against the unfair rules. As well as they want change now.

- c. How did the government respond?The unrest prompted the government to deploy troops in the centre of Tunis. The government has deployed troops all over the country where protests have happened.

- d. What has been the result? Ben Ali and his wife fled the country and resigned in fear of their lives. They went to Saudi Areaba, and if ever come back he will serve life in prison. Not many jobs and lots of poverty is still a problem.


a. What is happening in your country now? There is a temporary government. For now they have put up an independent caretaker government until they can elect a new one later in the year. For a change, the Islamists are deciding to step down and work with the secular group in order to help the government.

b. Who is in charge of the government? For now they have a temporary one. And it doesn't refer to any kind of Islamic law.

c. Will there be elections? If so, when? Yes there will be elections (hoping) for a new stable government sometime later in the year

d. What key challenges does the country face today? They ares still trying to make the islamic group and the secular group more even. They are hoping that one day the will have a nice fair government, on which they couldn't get before. There have been two assassinations this year and They are still fragile and divided. Working to become a better working whole.

The international community

a. Have international organizations (for example, the Arab League, the UN, or NATO) or other countries been involved in events in your country? If so, how?

b. What has been the position of the United States on the events in your country?

USA has great relations with Tunisia. President Barack Obama applauded the courage of the protesting. He also urged everyone to avoid anymore violence, he also called the Tunisian government to respect human rights.

Is it a revolution?

I would call what has happened in this country a revolution. Once Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in front of a government building, it made all the people in the country realize that they want a better life and they don't want to be poor anymore. They started protesting in large groups trying to send a message to the government that they want a better government. So because they are so intent on getting a better government, they finally set a revolution and overthrew the government so that they can have a better life.
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