A Little Bit Scary

By Sam Kushner

You may think that Masked Villan is a bit scary, but...

  • He steals stuff but he only steals from bad people and gives the things back to the people who had it before.
  • His red eyes help burn through stuff to help people in fires.
  • His shirt says BAD DUDE to scare robbers away.

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Good Deeds

  • He helps people in fires.
  • He gives to charity.
  • He tells sad people jokes.


  • Masked Villan has a brother named Sniper and a mom and dad.
  • His brother is 211 years old.
  • His mom is 927 and his dad is 783. He has 122,456,977,236,120 friends.


  • Masked Villan likes to play soccer and football.
  • His favorite song is Sultans Picnic because he like Dubstep.
  • He loves to run Race For The Cure.
  • Masked Villan is a pro wrestler.

Masked Villan Favorite Things

  • He loves to play xbox.
  • He loves making spy glasses and suits.
  • He is good at wrestling and Kung Fu.
  • He likes to go to superhero school to learn to help.
  • Masked Villan also likes to make jokes
  • His favorite band is Rolling Stones.