Miss Flaherty's Class Update!

January 5-19

Skype with Astronaut - Peggy Whitson

Recently we have been learning about space and gravity. So, the entire 5th grade Skyped an Astronaut from Iowa named Peggy Whitson. She showed us pictures and videos of her in space and missions she went on. We learned about what she does in space, and what they eat in space. We came up with questions about her life as an astronaut.

Upcoming Events

Hello. Here are our upcoming events this week. The upcoming events are.....

Our Valentines Day party is February 14th, The same day as Valentine’s Day.

We also have our 100th day of school coming up. The 100th day of school is January 30th.

Your kids can sign up for the science and are fair,it is on February 26th.

The Iowa assessments are February 6-8. Remember to have your kids get a goodnights sleep and get a good breakfast!

-Lexi,Grace and Norah

Connection Clubs

Hello, Family's! This past week, we have done a School Wide Group

Project. We started it last year. Connection Clubs are supposed to bring students together by doing what they love. Each student gets to pick what group they want!

Example: They're are; Hair Bows, Cooking, Harry Potter, and Comedy, these are a few.

We will be doing 2 more Connection Clubs this year. Thanks for keeping up with 5th Grade Connection Clubs!

By : Corbin and Haley

Biography Research

Our topic is biographies. Everyone in our class is writing a great biography about a great leader in our history of the world. The biography can be published in any way you want, some popular options are POWTOONS, another option is to have an iMovie you can also make a s’more .


Mystery Skype

In class we are doing Mystery Skype with a class in another state in America. We had to guess which state they were living in and they had to guess which state we are living in. After asking lots of questions, we finally found out where they were living.... CALIFORNIA !!!!! We hope to Skype them again about which city they live in.

Made by, Allison and Maryum


In Guidance today we learned about Social Media and how it is dangerous to some people. Mrs. Mavis told us that we will be working on a project about it very soon! Please stay tuned to find out more!

By: Corbin and Haley


On Monday the 15 through Tuesday we did starlab for the first time.We learned about how the sun moves from east to west and the constilations.We learned about how some stars are bigger than the sun and how some stars are brighter than some.If you find a star brighter than seriuosus nose it is a Planet.So that what we learned in star lab.

By Marc & Damarko

Science & Art Fair

The science fair science to make emexperiment different things and to have fun and hang out with friends if they doing doing the experiment together

The art fair to draw the coolest thing they could draw and to get a cool prize and they could just relax and draw a picture and the whole point of it is to have fun



In math we worked on multiplying fractions and we worked on money percentage and we multiply money that is what we worked on for our math. We will be doing our unit 8 review and test. Fractions are fun and hard.